Monsters University – A Review

The Great Hites

5 out of 5 Stars

Editors note. I saw this movie at the drive in with my kids as part of a double feature. That means that by the time this movie started It was after 10:45 and it didn’t get over until almost 1 AM. All of the kids stayed up until the end even the 6 year old. That alone means this was a good movie.

Disney / Pixar does it again. Even when it is a sequel or in this case kind of a prequel, Pixar manages to produce a story that is entertaining, age appropriate, and stunningly beautiful.

Spoilers beyond this point

You knew that Mike and Sully could not have started out together. They are too much of an “Odd Couple” to have just become friends. Sure sometimes work makes teams out of people, but very rarely does it make good friends. There had to…

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